Orlando Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning for many Orlando residents simply involves vacuuming. It is important to do it on a regular basis because it’s great for removing dry soil and debris, but vacuuming leaves behind oily soils that stem from a number of things, including cooking vapors, pets and dirt tracked in from outside.

As these oily contaminants build up they become increasingly more difficult to remove and eventually your carpet will dull and fade. Luckily deep cleaning your carpet can get rid of such buildup and keep your flooring fresh and clean.

One of the biggest benefits of deep cleaning your carpet is that it significantly helps improve the air quality of your home by removing pet hair, dander, dust mites, and other allergens that thrive deep in the carpet. Many of our clients – especially those with allergies – notice a big difference in how they feel after getting their carpets professionally cleaned.

How to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning

Preparing for professional carpet cleaning is relatively easy unless you wish to thoroughly clean your home since your carpets are being cleaned. Some customers clean every part of their house with the intention of having a completely spotless home once the carpets are done; but really all that is necessary is to move small items and breakables into a room that isn’t being cleaned.

We’ll help you move bigger pieces of furniture once we arrive. After that all you have to do is sit back and be amazed by the Rotovac. This professional cleaning system combined with our trained technicians will deliver results you never thought were possible. The interior of your Orlando home will feel like new once we’re done.

What to Expect from a Carpet Cleaning Technician

Our trained and experienced technicians will evaluate your carpet and determine its needs. Over the years we’ve learned that each carpet must be treated differently based on fabric, color, style, age, and condition. After thoroughly evaluating your carpet, we’ll let you know up front what you can expect so there aren’t any surprises. As part of our guarantee, we want to make sure you’re satisfied.

If it’s necessary we’ll happily move furniture out of the way so that every square inch of your carpet gets cleaned. If we notice any spots or stains that need a little extra care we’ll make sure to apply the right cleaning solution to remove them. Once we’re done treating and cleaning the carpet we’ll return the furniture back to its original position. We’ll also re-inspect the carpet with you to make sure the job was done to your satisfaction.

When furniture can’t be moved to another room, we’ll do our best to protect it in any way possible. In some cases we place blocks under furniture legs to keep them dry during the cleaning process. If you wish to decrease the drying time we recommend keeping the room temperature close to 72 degrees and turning fans on to circulate the air.

If you live in the Orlando area and need an alternative to spending a lot of money on new carpet, call us at 407-654-5317 and we’ll let you know how we can save you money and give your home that new feeling you’re looking for.

Does your home also have tile flooring? We offer tile and grout cleaning services as well.

Our customer-for-life philosophy ensures we place an emphasis on your satisfaction. We strive to provide services that you would recommend to friends and family and the only way to accomplish that is to make you happy. We service all of Orlando and Orange, Lake and Seminole County. Call us today at 407-654-5317 to make an appointment or learn more about our services.