FAQ - Carpet Cleaning

Most our customers have questions before we actually start a job and that’s why we’ve created a frequently asked questions page. There are multiple ways to clean floors and grout effectively, but it also takes an experienced technician to evaluate a project and recommend the best solution.

Through our years of experience we have learned which cleaning solutions work best and what equipment should be used. At Warrior Floor Care we’re big promoters of the Rotovac, an electric powered scrubbing tool.

Can you use the Rotovac on all types of carpet?
We use the Rotovac because it gives us the ability to adjust its height. Whether your carpet is tall or short, the Rotovac can get the job done. It also works on most carpet materials.

Does the Rotovac help with drying time?
The Rotovac leaves your carpet significantly drier than your typical scrub wand.

Why is it important to have my carpet cleaned?
You wouldn’t believe what a vacuum leaves behind when you clean your carpets. Between the dust, pet dander, and various elements tracked in from the outdoors, your carpets hold more than you think. Such particles can impact your health if you have allergies or other health conditions. Professional carpet cleaning also extends the life of the carpet and keeps it looking new.

Should I also have my furniture cleaned?
Although there aren’t any strict guidelines on the frequency of furniture cleaning, we recommend cleaning your upholstery every other time you have your carpets cleaned. Similar to carpet, furniture can contain numerous particles that impact your health and make your upholstery look dirty.

Does your team remove furniture so the carpet can be fully cleaned?
Yes but unfortunately we have to draw the line at some point. We typically don’t move big pieces of furniture like beds, grandfather clocks, pool tables, heavy cabinets and musical instruments.

Should I clean out the rooms being cleaned?
It is important to remove as much as you can before we arrive. We certainly don’t mind helping, but it only prolongs the process. We do ask that you remove all breakables.

Can I walk on the carpet while it’s wet?
Yes, but we recommend that you don’t to ensure it stays clean. Wet carpet is more likely to attract dirt and it may be tough to get it out.

How safe are the products you use?
We make every effort to use the safest and most effective products available. Our products are non-toxic, safe for pets and children, biodegradable, and phosphate free.

Will you send experienced technicians?
Warrior Floor Care is a family owned and operated business. Floor cleaning is second nature to us and the employees we train and hire.

Do you think cleaning my carpets will help my allergies?
Although we can’t guarantee relief, we’re confident that cleaning your carpets professionally will remove allergens from your carpet. Many customers say they experience better allergy seasons when cleaning their carpets.

Will you get rid of my stains?
Although we would love to say yes, it just wouldn’t be honest to do so. We are able to remove most stains that we face, but occasionally the stain is so severe that the carpet’s fiber simply can’t be changed. Rest assured we’ll do all we can to remove any stains.

Does having my carpets professionally cleaned wear them out?
Carpet cleaning does not damage your carpet. Believe it or not the dirt in your carpet acts as an abrasive and slowly damages your carpet over time. Wearing out your carpet should not be an excuse to not have them cleaned.

Will my carpet feel like new when you’re done?
Once again we can’t guarantee this feeling, but generally our cleaning methods leave your carpets feeling and looking like new.

Should I apple a fabric protector after the cleaning?
It’s a very good idea to apply a protector to promote stain resistance.

Do you think it’s worth cleaning my old carpet?
Replacing carpet can be very expensive. Our goal is to save you money by bringing your old carpet back to life.

Our customer-for-life philosophy ensures we place an emphasis on your satisfaction. We strive to provide services that you would recommend to friends and family and the only way to accomplish that is to make you happy. We service all of Orlando and Orange, Lake and Seminole County. Call us today at 407-654-5317 to make an appointment or learn more about our services.