Grout Cleaning and Color Sealant

If you wish to restore the original color of your grout or want to change its color, Warrior Floor Care can get it done with ColorClad®. This amazing product is the best grout restoration process available and it works on both new and old grout. ColorClad® offers the capability of changing grout to any color you want. It uses fluoropolymers to release dirty soils and aluminum oxide for durability. It’s the only grout sealer on the market that uses this combination of technology and performance.

With ColorClad® your color options are endless. You can enhance the current color of your grout, change it to match the tile and create a monolithic (one slab of stone) look, or select a contrasting color so it pops against the tile. Our technicians are able to craft the perfect color for you right on site.

Does it look natural? ColorClad® is a high quality product for a reason. It’s designed to penetrate the grout and contract to the surface – allowing it to imitate the natural texture of the grout. Once it’s applied we top it off with a matte finish along with aluminum oxide grit to further enhance the natural texture of grout.

Why is “Oleophobic” important? Traditional grout sealers claim to be oleophobic (oil resistant), but ColorClad® truly acts as a repellant to oil. Oil has a reputation for breaking down grout sealers and slowly damaging grout. However ColorClad® eliminates this concern by allowing oil to sit on top of a sealer so it can be cleaned up. If you cook with oil in the kitchen or apply cosmetics in the bathroom, the grout in these areas may wear down quicker than other areas. Pets are also responsible for oils breaking down grout.
Invisible Grout
Unsanded Wall Grout
Geometric Grout
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