Common Floor Cleaning Misconceptions

Through talking with customers on a daily basis we encounter a number of misconceptions about the floor cleaning industry. It doesn’t matter if we’re restoring grout, cleaning tile, or performing any other floor service, we typically have to correct a misconception. Here are some floor cleaning misconceptions we hear on a regular basis:
Misconception Fact
All floor and grout cleaning companies are the same. My main concern when hiring someone should be the price. The truth is that many floor and grout cleaning companies will initially offer you a low quote and persuade you to spend more upon arrival.
It doesn’t matter which carpet cleaning method a company uses. There are many ways to clean a carpet, but the best way involves Hot Water Extraction. Don’t let any business tell you differently.
If a floor care company has the right equipment it’s a guarantee that they will do a good job. A lot of floor care companies can buy the best equipment. It’s the experience of the technician that produces the best results.
It’s best to wait as long as possible between carpet cleanings. The longer dirt and other particles stay on your carpet, the more damage they cause. It’s best to clean your carpets once a year.
Floor care companies don’t provide references to give me peace of mind that I’m hiring a good company. We always provide references when asked. If a company refuses to provide references, it’s time to look for another company.
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